What’s New in android wear 2.0

new android wear 2.0 watch models
Android Wear 2.0 Launch Watches

Where the traditional watches just tells the time, an Android wear 2.0 watch makes most of every minute. It is a Smartphone within a watch. In a instant you can check where and when you are in a meeting with someone, how many minutes you have been active today or you can instantly call or message someone, all these without using your Smartphone.

Android wear 2.0 is the biggest update to Google Smart watches OS since it launched. It’s been 3 years since Google launched android wear and since then it has reached to another level. Android wear 2.0 has a more cleaner and simpler design than the past launches. It’s easier to navigate, easier to switch faces, easier to launch apps and see any new notifications. It also has improved fitness, tracking features along with voice controlled Google assistance. But, the most significant change is how an android wear works when your Smartphone is not around. You can browse for apps without using your Smartphone and directly install them from play store.

Wear 2.0 also connect with LTE connection. So you can leave your phone at home and have access to notifications, make calls and send text messages, track with GPS and even buy things using Android pay. So android wear 2.0 is great to have with all these useful new features.

The first watches with Android wear 2.0 are the LG Watch Style and LG watch sport both of them are designed in collaboration with Google.

· The LG watch style is thin, light and comfortable to wear. It has changeable leather and silicon bands with a rotating power button that lets you scroll through the screen.

· The L.G watch sport is on the other hand, more powerful with high performance elastonier strap. GPS for tracking exercise and navigation, a heart rate sensor for workouts, and cellular connectivity. It has a rotating power button which lets you instantly reach your favorite app.

With numerous platform and developer enhancements, some of the highlights include:-

1. Attractive material design: The new material design features a darker color palette, vertical layout and visual components. It also has enhanced notifications on the watch that’s more accommodating for round screens. The apps are easy to find by pushing the side button. There is also a new action drawer at the bottom of the display, providing context specification actions similar to smart phones.

2. Access to Google Play store: Android wear 2.0 now includes a standalone play store which means you are able to browse and download apps directly to your smart watch. Also just the watch itself as 2.0 does not require the two of them to be paired.

3. Moe personalized watch faces: You can now personalize your android wear on watch face with information and actions form your favorite apps.

4. Better ways to work out: Google fit is the pre-installed fitness app on most of the android wear. It helps track your pace, distance, burn calories heart rate while you are running or cycling.

5. Easy to respond calls and messages: Android wear 2.0 makes you easier to respond to calls and texts. You can respond by dictating, typing or handwriting your replies.

6. Easy Music streaming and easy to access notifications.

7. Google Assistance on your wrist: Now easily find answers to your problems- hand free.

8. Payment via Android Pay: You can simply load up your bank card to the device and tap to buy anything you want.

We hope that Android Wear 2.0 lets you stay more healthy more informed more organized as well as more connected.