Google releases Actions SDK for Google Home and Assistant

Today Google released the Actions Api and documentation for the Google Assistant which powers the google Home.  While the Api is now available  your actions won’t be available to the public until next year.

Your actions won’t need to be installed as you would on amazon Echo’s Alexa Skills.  Users would just say a conversational phrase asking for the action by name, i.e ok google let me talk to personal chef.

Check out the introductory video below on the you tube channel.

You can write your own parsers to parse the text spoken by the user or use API.AI which was recently acquired by google to build out user interface.

Early partners that will be launching in the weeks to come are Quora, WebMD, Lonely Planet, NPR One and Buzz Feed to name a few.  Purchases and Bookings will follow as well.

The documentation can be found at where you can also sign up to begin your Google Assistant development.

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